Heritage gallery: Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, and one of the northernmost (as well as easternmost) Hanseatic towns of Europe. Jeff and I went there in march 2012, really on the spur of a moment. I discovered that a chap and cheerful (well…) airline was flying there for practically nothing. Two tickets set us back a grand 44 euro’s including taxes! An apartment in the Old Town was very easily booked, and so we found ourselves in Tallinn that was just coming out of the grip of a long, cold winter. There was still snow here and there.

Well… Tallinn absolutely made a big impression. What a lovely city. The old town can easily compare to Bruges, Siena or other great historical centres. And the festive atmosphere was just tantalizing! Luckily we did not come across (English) stag parties. Let me just say I take an old-fashioned view to dumb kids getting drunk in public… I really loved the contrast between the old town and the shiny new town, and even the depressing Soviet concrete blocks in the suburbs (we took a wrong tram and ended up in a very un-touristic part of town) have a sort of charm about them. The greatest thing about Tallinn are its people though. Estonians are warm, kind, friendly, they speak English well and are thrilled to receive guests in their country. And it must be the most musical people in the world.

Anyway, this is supposed to be just a short text to introduce the photo gallery. Later on, I will blog more extensively about the sights, sounds and smells (! oh yes!) of Tallinn, and of course the amazing Estonian food!


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